• Mark Louie Espedido, over 2 years ago

    I used to use Harvest for several years. It's pretty straightforward to use and has basically everything I needed. Until I find that creating estimates was too brief in Harvest. It looked more like an invoice than a proposal. I wanted something more like creating a contract/proposal with all the details of the agreements beforehand, than a one-page quote, and create an invoice and project once the proposal is approved. I had heard of And Co before but when I looked into it again after a few years, I fell in love. It has all that Harvest had, plus more. Their invoicing and contract tools are amazing. Not intuitive at first but it's getting better. Their team have been releasing updates and a lot of new features right after another. They really listen to feature requests and their staff are very responsive in chat. Look at And Co's features. I can't find where to read their feature releases though.

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