Startup Design Flow (Jira + Sketch + InVision + Zeplin)

over 4 years ago from Serguei Orozco, User Experience Designer at Amazon

  • Matt Anderson, over 4 years ago

    Overall it looks like a pretty solid flow.

    I've found just sending a link to Zeplin or Invision leaves a lot open for interpretation. Instead I create design docs. Whilst it's a little more up front work I find it saves a lot of time if you can preemptively answer questions, document edge cases, detail animations etc.

    The content depending largely on the specific project, but typically include: An outline for the project goals, relevant research and then a deep dive into specs. This usually involves images (gifs or videos are even better), notes and links out to prototypes etc.

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    • Antoine Lord, over 4 years ago

      We do the same thing in the company I work for, but we include de design docs directly in the task/user story description in Jira. This way the developer doesn't have to open multiple tabs to have access to the relevant information.

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