Dribbble is dying. Whats next?

over 1 year ago from Alexey Sekachov, Product Designer

  • Mont gomery, over 1 year ago

    People really love shitting on one of the few platforms for designers that isn't a total financial black hole or foothold for big advertising. Take behance for example, that website was good for maybe 5 minutes, until it was overwhelmed with the most pathetic cavalcade of mediocrity that you had ever seen.

    Not to mention behance basically became another softcore porn site where so-called "photographers" could display their art, that and every 2-bit blog and vaguely design related site could sell their dog shit floral packs or ripped fonts. In addition to those things, behance quickly became a perfect example of capitalism, works in theory yet totally controlled by the 100 people at the top who maintain all the influence and focus, this due to the millions of half-wit morons that think by commenting "this is fantastic, you should check out my portfolio here :)" will someone get people to go view their 2 bit derived nonsense clogging up the servers.

    So i think that dribbble, whilst full of average shite and visual porn, still is the only place where work can at least be slightly curated, invitation-only is the best system we have and it sure beats the hell out of giving any egg roll with a crayon a creative license and medium to share their "work". You may get derivatives and replicas and trends on tap, but how else is any prospective employer going to hire you, no one cares about your amazing design solution if it looks like shit, thats the way of the world, so if people get upset that not every designer is reinventing the wheel, then creativity is not for you. Everything ever made anytime was derived from something else.

    End Rant :)

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