Bráulio Amado's Portfolio(

over 3 years ago from Nic Trent, Lead Designer

  • Nic TrentNic Trent, over 3 years ago

    True! It's totally not fair! The question mark is the menu.. haha. I'd say he's pretty set if he's done album covers for Frank Ocean and Beck and worked at Pentagram and Wieden+Kennedy

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    • Jan ZhengJan Zheng, over 3 years ago

      wow I had no idea. Poked around the site, didn't realize that question mark was a menu. But anyway, his focus is on illustration, and he's probably marketing himself as "I'm different!" which totally seems to work for him. He's got so much cool, public work under his belt he can just do that.

      As a run of the mill UX designer/information architect, if I did a site like that, I'd probably never get another job again...

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