Dribbble is dying. Whats next?

almost 3 years ago from Alexey Sekachov, Product Designer

  • Dean HaydenDean Hayden, almost 3 years ago

    Your thoughts and the story of your work should be contained within a ‘Project’, rebounds can be used to show iteration.

    The beauty of Dribbble is its ‘design snapshot’ nature (though you do have the tools to show your process and/or development of an idea). If it tried to expand on this (like Behance) they would destroy the appeal and simplicity of the platform.

    For me it’s a great platform for visual inspiration and I follow people from multiple disciplines. This really helps the echo chamber problem.

    I would rather see a ‘Nike shoe concept UI done for the hell of it’ piece rather than a ‘proved to increase ROI and the product sponsor signed it off’ grey and blue drab UI.

    Yes, many Dribbble shots lack substance but it’s design candy, a quick hit for the eyes. If I want something more insightful I would look elsewhere.

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