Dribbble is dying. Whats next?

almost 3 years ago from Alexey Sekachov, Product Designer

  • Andrew ConnAndrew Conn, over 2 years ago

    I see the opposite. It’s become more popular and the work has generally increased in quality. The problem still persists, however, that it’s an echo chamber and much of what’s posted is without substance. Dribbble could easily fix this by adding some feature that allowed you to post your thoughts, story, and process around the final visual design.

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    • Dean HaydenDean Hayden, over 2 years ago

      Your thoughts and the story of your work should be contained within a ‘Project’, rebounds can be used to show iteration.

      The beauty of Dribbble is its ‘design snapshot’ nature (though you do have the tools to show your process and/or development of an idea). If it tried to expand on this (like Behance) they would destroy the appeal and simplicity of the platform.

      For me it’s a great platform for visual inspiration and I follow people from multiple disciplines. This really helps the echo chamber problem.

      I would rather see a ‘Nike shoe concept UI done for the hell of it’ piece rather than a ‘proved to increase ROI and the product sponsor signed it off’ grey and blue drab UI.

      Yes, many Dribbble shots lack substance but it’s design candy, a quick hit for the eyes. If I want something more insightful I would look elsewhere.

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