ASK DN: What is your favorite time saving tip/trick in Adobe Illustrator?

over 3 years ago from Kyle S, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

  • JE LS, over 3 years ago

    When going to draw with the Pen, always press "A" key first (direct selection) then "P" for Pen… "AP"

    So next, as you draw, pressing COMMAND, you activate the latest selection tool, and that, would be the direct selection tool. If you release COMMAND, you get back to the Pen tool…

    That trick enables you to quickly move and change anchor points and continue drawing, without going back and forth between those tools

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    • BAKA .kidBAKA .kid, 3 years ago

      i learnt this one early in my illustrator days, and boy, do i love it. it becomes habit so quickly and makes editing on the fly so easy!

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