Apple is really bad at design(

4 years ago from Pierre B.

  • Thomas PalumboThomas Palumbo, 4 years ago

    So they say: "Hey our research department find that on dribbble/behance this "futuristic smartphone" with a frameless screen. We should do that.

    You think Apple go on dribbble and behance to get ideas for what form factor their next product should be?

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    • Jan SemlerJan Semler, 4 years ago

      No i don't think that, but everybody needs to get inspired somehow, right? But why do we need a frameless smartphone? This is not really something that makes the phone better, right? All i want to say is: that everything regarding some of the apple productions are not driven by innovation anymore, but more on competition. Every "new feature" is not an innovation anymore it is more an attempt to create an distinction from the competition. Thats why some Apple products are more driven by marketing than by innovation. It will always result in different formfactors, prices and so on. Apple was always the company with just one product in a segment and not one with many...

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