Apple is really bad at design(

4 years ago from Pierre B.

  • Marcel van Werkhoven, 4 years ago

    Apple design isn't perfect and you could even argue that they've lost their edge in some fields but this writer simplifies the issue a bit too much. Apple is still a business and needs to meet its sales targets and goals and may ship a 'lesser' product to do so. Apple is also limited by the hardware available on the market and with battery technology still not improving there's not much phone makers can do outside of adding better camera's and screens. In that scenario adding a different sensor (at some sacrifice) makes a ton of sense.

    Also innovative products aren't the most complicated. Take the most innovative piece of hardware of the past 2 years (IMO) the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is basically a tablet with attached controllers. Literally anyone could've made it, but only Nintendo was crazy enough to do so and succeed. But in order for the Switch to be created they needed to fail and learn lessons from the Wii U. You could also argue that if the Wii U hadn't failed we would've seen more Switch-like 'gaming tablets' a lot sooner.

    The same will happen with Apple. If the iPhone X is not as successful as they expect than the iPhone XI will improve on those issues. But who knows, maybe there's more to its product design than an 'ugly' black notch at the top and they've actually done some research that showed that people don't care about these things as much as we think they do.

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