I've just launched my Personal Website (richardsison.com)

6 years ago from Richard Sison, Interaction Designer, Dabbler in Front-end Code and Stickler for Good Microcopy.

  • Richard SisonRichard Sison, 6 years ago

    Hey Josh!

    Thanks for reaching out and those tips! I've saved them in my backlog for performance.

    But I'll be honest, this level of development goes way over my head!

    My build process is literally what Codekit gives me and I didn't even use the "Build Project" functionality until this morning when I read your comment! It was just something I'd kept putting off…

    But even that is going to make things much easier to manage my site as it abstracts only the files I need to upload; not the SCSS too (up until now I've just been cherry-picking the HTML and CSS files individually …like a noob.

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