Was Sketch designed on Figma / Figma designed on Sketch?

almost 5 years ago from Jay R, Founder @neue.world

  • Dylan FieldDylan Field, almost 5 years ago

    The first designs of Figma were created in Photoshop / Illustrator / code in August, 2013. We used a mix of Figma / Photoshop until early 2014 at which point we made it a rule for ourselves to only make new designs in Figma.

    This was pretty tough at first; it definitely slowed us down due to the immaturity of the tool at the time. I remember some days when we accidentally broke the build or changed our file format and our team's designer went home early for the day.

    We didn't launch our closed beta until December, 2015, so we had almost two years experience shipping improvements, establishing a solid QA process and refining the product for our own use cases / the needs of alpha testers by then.

    While initially painful, dogfooding early in our product's lifecycle helped us prioritize the right things and create processes to keep the quality of the product high. It also helped us debug some pretty crazy issues and made us more comfortable suggesting the tool for real work in the beta phase.

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