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over 5 years ago from Gaddafi Rusli, Designer and developer

  • Gaddafi Rusli, over 5 years ago

    Thanks for writing in! I'm a contributor as well. There's a link inside the app that bring user directly to Unsplash's License page. Is there something specific in Unsplash website that encourage credit? I'm open to hear your idea on how to improve this in Coaster for the next round on updates.

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    • Samuel ZellerSamuel Zeller, over 5 years ago

      Yes, when you download a picture this appears at the bottom of the screen: as a result I get a lot more people tweeting and sharing on FB about my work. By the way you should also share this Coaster app in the Unsplash Slack :)

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      • Gaddafi Rusli, over 5 years ago

        Ah I see. That's definitely something we should do! Thanks for your input. Will add this into the todo list :)

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