• Fabio SirnaFabio Sirna, 4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing, looks really great.

    Couple of suggestions of what I think is missing:

    • it'd be great to add coins based on when and when you buy it. So for example: if I bought eth at 18E and today is worth 180E, I'd like to see the performance since I buy it
    • it'd be great to view a graph (line chart) with the performance of your portfolio since you buy crypto on is.


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    • Rick WaaldersRick Waalders, 4 years ago

      Thanks Fabio! As for your first comment; it's on my roadmap, good to know you'd like that feature too! A graph is coming too, but I don't have historic data yet. Looking into it though.. :) Thanks for the feedback.

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