Ottifox - Creating virtual reality UIs and prototypes, new tool(

almost 5 years ago from Ruban Khalid, Product Designer interested in prototyping and motion design.

  • Jake HaugenJake Haugen, almost 5 years ago

    Just downloaded and started playing around. I love how simple the UI is and how easy it is to preview. Would love if there was support for controllers but it doesn't look like they have that yet (understandable). Definitely going to spend some time playing around with it. Thanks for posting!

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    • Noam Almosnino, almost 5 years ago

      Great to hear! Yeah, we're starting with the simpler interaction models first, like gazed base fuse cursors for mobile and cardboard, so that it's easier to dive in. Over time, and as the hardware becomes more prominent and affordable we'll be adding support for 3DoF and 6DoF controllers.

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