Atlassian's Bold New Brand(

6 years ago from Bhargavi Kamakshivalli, Director of UX

  • Kyle D, 6 years ago

    Here's their blog post explaining the logo redesign:

    I also find the "A" generic. I'm a huge fan of their previous "Atlas" logo. I love the boldness, yet simplicity. And I love the consistency across (some) of their products, with the presence of Atlas tying each back to their brand.

    Old logos

    A question I ponder. Yes, the product logos are now consistent with the brand, across the entire line. But I argue that each, looked at individually, is not memorable; each lacks individuality and will likely result in poor consumer recognition. When you take away their names, it becomes difficult to tell which one each represents (with a few exceptions, e.g. Trello and Hipchat whose logos changed the least). Is this acceptable for a B2B product where consumer recognition isn't as important?

    New logos

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