Atlassian's Bold New Brand(

6 years ago from Bhargavi Kamakshivalli, Director of UX

  • Greg WolffGreg Wolff, 6 years ago

    The change seems to have a backbone of unification, rather than 'boldness'. Changing all the product logos to exist under a design system similar to that of the logo solidifies the brand identity. It can be seen in practice with Google's products. In more of a visual sense, I agree that the logo feels a bit safe and generic. I think this is fine, since the main Atlassian logo should be something more iconic and symbolic, but the product logos could have used a bit more creativity. They are significantly differentiable now, but not necessarily notable enough to tell apart without the logotype. It's interesting to note that the Trello logo hasn't changed at all, and their decision to keep its logo despite owning the product.

    Since a visual identity change usually comes as nauseating to its users, it's frustrating to see them reveal this new logo, and back up the identity with an unclear description of their values ('open work'). From the user's perspective, it would be less jarring if we understood Atlassian's new teamwork strategy, open work, and then were revealed this new logo and identity that supports it.

    Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see if there will be any changes to the user interfaces in their products to support this new identity and its values, or if the change is just visual.

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