• Ste GrainerSte Grainer, 4 years ago

    I published a pretty thorough list of design podcasts a couple months ago.

    These are my essentials, but I discovered a TON of other greats compiling the list:

    • 99% Invisible: Hosted by Roman Mars and produced for public radio, 99% Invisible (or 99pi to listeners) looks at the decisions that go into the everyday things that surround us. While not explicitly focused on digital design, 99pi will open your eyes to the craft and thought that goes into almost everything. Most episodes are around 30 minutes long.
    • Design Details: In this weekly show, hosts Bryn Jackson and Brian Lovin talk with the designers behind different products. Most episodes range from an hour to an hour and a half.
    • Design Matters: With its claim as the first design-related podcast, Debbie Millman has interviewed tons of well known creators in this weekly podcast. Most episodes are under an hour.
    • Presentable: Jeff Veen talks with industry leaders to explore topics from hiring and freelancing to virtual reality and ethics. Most episodes are around 45 minutes long.
    • The UIE Podcast: Jared Spool shares stories and take-aways that you can use in your day to day design work. These bite-size episodes are only 10–20 minutes long.
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