• Ariel Long, over 3 years ago

    Hi Chris, thanks for the comment. I'm working at Bynder so can give you some insights. I completely agree with you that the switching cost for migrating files into a new tool can be very high. That's why we are prioritizing integrations with the tools you are using now to make that process as easy as possible. Orbit will also auto tag your files in the backend for searching (with AI), so no need to tag every file on day one, while managing tags is actually quite straightforward too. All we want for Orbit is to be the tool that can assist us (designers, marketers, content developers) on daily basis and to work more effectively as a team.

    As you mentioned "nice to have" v.s. "need to have", I'm really curious what would be your "need to haves" when it comes to a tool like this?


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