Hey Apple, open source your emoji kit!(medium.com)

4 years ago from nusu alabuga, Full-Stack Developer

  • Anthony DinesAnthony Dines, 4 years ago

    Obviously biased here, but I feel that the emoji within Windows 10 are a great and equal contrast to the ones that Apple and Google produce. Bring a smile to my face whenever I get to use em, big fan of the flat colors and bold lines.


    I bring it up because I think there is a benefit to using the emoji designed for the platform you're on. These are designed to fit with the rest of the design language. While Apple's emoji look great on their devices, Google/Facebook/Windows/etc feel right alongside the UI they were designed for.

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    • nusu alabuganusu alabuga, 4 years ago

      I have never thought someone really likes Mİcrosoft's emojis before, didn't expect that. An emoji crafted based on the same idea, same scenario. but all variations on other platforms gives a feeling in a very different way.

      I think some emoji kit (for me it's apple) have to be universal standard, I didn't think people using different phone sending emojis in a conversation with a strong feeling shouldn't change whenever you are on a different platform, changing kits on every other platform affects the base feeling that makes you chose, can cause a very different feeling for other person, that's why WhatsApp and Telegram use Apple's emoji kit on every platform.

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      • Connor Tomas O'BrienConnor Tomas O'Brien, 4 years ago

        You might want to check outEmojiOne — their 2016 release is open source and has been forked a few hundred times.

        I'm not sure how realistic it is for design assets created by major tech companies to be open sourced, unless the express purpose is to enable further development of those projects. To be fair, though, Apple tend to be extremely lax with policing the use of their emoji set.

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    • Mick NMick N, 4 years ago

      Agreed with Win10's latest iteration of emoji. They look fantastic and easily recognisable even at very small screen sizes; whilst appearing, modern and expressive.

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    • Sandro P, 4 years ago

      These are wonderful.

      I remember loving the Windows Phone emojis in the brief time I had a WP device (hah, I know). Seems like they just kept on improving what was already some top notch work.

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    • Dapo OlaopaDapo Olaopa, 4 years ago

      My problem with the Windows 10 emojis are the black outlines. It would look better if they reduced the opacity of those outlines.

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