How do you design super long forms?

4 years ago from chris limbrick, Digital Product Designer

  • Marcel van Werkhoven, 4 years ago

    Some ideas:

    • Hide/show sections/fields based on selections
    • Split the form into multiple sections/pages
    • Offer a summary at the end of the form so users can review what they're going to submit (and change if needed)
    • Simplify the navigation

    For example, say you have a page with 4 sections of 10 fields. Place a 'next step' button at the end of each section to automatically scroll to the next section.

    Also, take into account the expectation of the user. If I'm using a contact form, I'm expecting a short form with a few fields (name/e-mail/phone/message). If I'm going to put in a job application I expect to be able to add more text and data as I'm trying to apply for this job the best way I can. Sometimes a longer form can actually work better than a shorter one.

    You can also improve the experience by making it more fun. Like adding illustrations or visuals into the background.

    Floating labels are tricky, as they don't work well across some of the older browsers. Labeled fields is still the best way to go in most cases.

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