• Eliot SlevinEliot Slevin, over 2 years ago

    Valid points - but remember as designers we are fantastic at understanding the affordances in UI elements, but others are not.

    For example, the fb example - https://uploads.toptal.io/blog/image/123912/toptal-blog-image-1503410349132-50c655a86209b95c4329c5fbf63bd537.png

    (Note, this is good work taken out of context, so no disrespect to the designer).

    The 'whats on your mind' is where I can write a status. But it looks exactly the same to "status" "explore" "find a friend" and "messenger" - can I write in those inputs? The bold blue links are actions - but what about the items in the explore menu, can I click those?

    Even if it's faster to test, if a product isn't understandable it's a skewed test. I like the concept but at a minimum you need to have backgrounds on inputs and buttons - text alone isn't clear enough.

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