A critique of Clapping on Medium(medium.com)

almost 5 years ago from Lucas Neumann de Antonio, Designer @ Nubank

  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, almost 5 years ago

    my thing is it's now just a useless metric. some asshole like me can sit there and spam claps just to play with the button. then you have 50 claps and no idea how many people actually enjoyed it.

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    • Darian RosebrookDarian Rosebrook, almost 5 years ago

      Back when they introduced "series" and claps, I didn't know if the metric is actually a good measure of anything.

      I started sharing quick design tips like a design dictionary, it's been seen 600+ tons, but that's got over 11k claps...

      Granted, that's almost 20 each, but that's if every single person did clap.

      More than likely, some dummy spammed it. I have no idea if it actually resonated because of my suspiciousness and dislike for clapping.

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