• Stephen Weir, 4 years ago

    Sounds really good but just being honest here Photopea looks horrible its like photoshop 6 or somehing put me off right away...

    Secondly where are your docs, tutorials? any offline support for the app?

    I really like what your doing here, seems like it has potential but maybe need some direction?

    On a personal note would there be anyway to take the code behind Photopea and build a fully automated solution something i can just drop a PSD file on and it auto exports all assets to a folder?

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    • Ivan KutskirIvan Kutskir, 4 years ago

      Hi Stephen, what do you mean by Photoshop 6? If you mean the gray color instead of black, you can switch it in More - Themes - Black.

      There are lessons at Photopea.com/learn. The app needs inernet to be loaded, but then it works completely in a browser. You can keep it always open in a browser and use it when you are offline. This way we can avoid a complex downloading / installing / upgrading process and make it work everywhere (even on phones).

      I can not provide the code of Photopea to you, but I think I can add the auto-export of assets (like PSD to ZIP). Depending on what assets do you mean and in which form you want to have them (raster images, vector images, HTML, CSS ...).

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