almost 3 years ago from Philip Lester, CEO @ Dreamten & GiveForms

  • Andrew RasmussenAndrew Rasmussen, almost 3 years ago

    Yeah I don't really understand all the pushback on pricing here. If you're a freelance designer, $25/mo is like 0.2% of your income.

    If Pastel can:

    • Save you 20 minutes per month (0.2% of 160h/mo),
    • Make you 0.2% more productive, or
    • Let you charge 0.2% more via better client communication

    ...then it's totally worth it. And I can totally see how Pastel can easily do these things.

    I feel like most people chiming in here just aren't your target customer and don't understand how difficult it is to build any kind of real SaaS business off less than $20/mo.

    Site looks great, love the video demos. Keep up the great work!

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    • Denis RojcykDenis Rojcyk, almost 3 years ago

      Sure, but ...

      • Not everyone makes $150k a year. There are some google sheets tables with designers providing their early income. Global early freelance income is less than half of what you suggest.
      • How do you calculate if this saves you 20 minutes per month? There are lots of comments like yours. If tool saves X than it is totally worth it. But if every tool saved so much time then we would barely have to work. Which in the end is not the case and the time-saving aspect is not as simple as you make it sound.
      • "... how difficult it is to build any kind of real SaaS business off less than $20/mo." It might be difficult but not everything has its customers. And this might simply be the case.

      Still, good luck with the product!

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