AMA: Figma 2.0

6 years ago from Dylan Field, CEO at Figma

  • alfa treze, 6 years ago

    I was very happily surprised to fire up Figma and discover I can now prototype :D. So long my Invision friend :P... But only for the very simple stuff so far. I'd love to see the ability to have fixed areas (top menu, bottom menu, sidebar, etc.). So I can make my long pages of content and still have a menu at hand. Also the ability to trigger the visibility of an element (maybe some of it's children too!). These two features would cover a large number of use cases for prototyping. I do agree that for animation will will be best served elsewhere.

    As for collaboration, building on a previous comment, I would love to see a way to mark or name a specific history view and share that one. This allows me to share with clients while I keep working and not worry about breaking stuff. ATM I just copy the file and send that one for review. It works, although I then have a bit more trouble to manage comments. It's not quite final1a, final 1axys, but rather client review/date... Also would it be possible to have links for clients that to not require having to register?

    I'm always eager to know what the figma updates bring up and do frequently visit site just for that, so maybe there's a fair number of people that would love to get a small notification in app on the new goodies ;)

    A big thanks to the entire team for the great tool.

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