Principle 3.0 Released(

almost 3 years ago from John Jackson, Senior Product Designer at Red Ventures

  • Martin Velchevski, almost 3 years ago

    Okay... I was a bit shocked when I saw the price-tag... initially... I think the "0,99$" price conditioning that's been going on in the "app" world lately should come to an end. Software should be priced proportionally to the utility you get out of it. I've been using principle since day one. Every stakeholder I've demoed a Principle prototype to has reacted brilliantly. It has saved me countless hours of having to explain how things should work. It's fast and for the most part (if you get used to a couple of quirks) - bug free. I've gotten an immense value off of my Principle license. That being said - I won't be upgrading to V3 just yet. The new features are simply not enough to tip the scales in favour of upgrading.

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