AMA: Figma 2.0

6 years ago from Dylan Field, CEO at Figma

  • Sagi ShrieberSagi Shrieber, 6 years ago

    First of all - I wanted to thank you for putting an awesome tool out in to the world. I am currently a heavy Sketch user, but been totally following Figma closely and waiting to see if it makes me switch.

    My question to you is: Is Figma going to release any sort of API or open plugin community like Sketch has done? It seems like that's something that a lot of designers would love.

    Thanks again! Sagi (from Hacking UI)

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    • Topher Hammond, 6 years ago

      Hey Sagi! Dylan responded to this in the above comments: We're more focused on integrations than plugins right now. Starting to build out a web API that will let other services get data out of Figma. We don't take building integrations / plugin systems lightly... stability, robustness and sound engineering are super important to our team, so you won't see us roll something out until we are confident we can support a system like this long term.

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