AMA: Figma 2.0

6 years ago from Dylan Field, CEO at Figma

  • Thomas Lowry, 6 years ago

    I've heard rumbling that there is an API planned for some Figma integrations or add ons. I don't know what your vision is, but if it is plugins, is there a plan to enforce some quality control or some sort of "Figma approved" centralized place to add them? One of my biggest turn-offs with Sketch's plugin system is the varying quality of plugins, there is no adherence to design them to any UI or UX standards (they don't blend in well with the UI or feel integrated), and some of them aren't tested to work in newer versions.

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    • Dylan FieldDylan Field, 6 years ago

      Loving all the questions about plugins / add ons. Like I said in my response to another question, we're not going to roll out a plugin system until we know we can support in for the long term. We are looking into a web API that will let you get data out of Figma, though. If you are interested in this, please let me know!

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      • Thomas Lowry, 6 years ago

        Happy that Figma isn't rushing into this for the reasons you mentioned.

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      • Jonathan SimcoeJonathan Simcoe, 6 years ago

        Very interested in this. Also we would love to have tools to help create more semantic versioning (a la Abstract) as we often need code releases tested against live Figma files whil we are already working on the latest version.

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