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over 4 years ago from Rian van der Merwe, Product manager at Wildbit

  • Rian van der MerweRian van der Merwe, over 4 years ago

    CS have better reach and balance with customers, PMs can read a digested issue and take actions. Same for UX sessions.

    CS is certainly another input into the process on customer feedback. But I maintain that nothing is a replacement for 1:1 interaction with customers. There is simply no better way to learn about their needs and build empathy.

    PM can't be the nanny of the team, that's team lead or scrum master job.

    Not sure where the nanny idea comes from... I think this is a problem with seeing a hierarchy system where it's someone's job to make sure someone else does their job. That's just not how we work. We're one team.

    It's cool to disagree—this won't work for everyone. But we are profitable and growing, so I can say that this approach is working for us.

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