• Joshua TurnerJoshua Turner, over 2 years ago

    So, I'm a bit concerned about this.

    This appears to be heavily built on the GitHub Desktop Client, which in and of itself isn't a problem, but I wonder if releasing the software in a commercial environment would be.

    Also, less of an issue (although maybe more relevant to DN), is that the landing page appears to be largely copied from that same GitHub Desktop Client, even the icons. Which again, isn't earth shattering, it just feels very disingenuous when viewed all together.

    This of course isn't to say that real work didn't go into this project - I'd love to be able to bring proper version control into my sketch files without the addition of yet another tool.

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    • Mathieu Dutour, over 2 years ago

      you are right, Kactus is a fork of GitHub Desktop. Its license is MIT so it’s perfectly fine to create a commercial project out of it. Kactus is also release under the MIT license

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