• Cory MalnarickCory Malnarick, almost 6 years ago

    Your portfolio is really strong, but limited by weak language.

    The imagery – photography, illustration, type, color choices, and interaction – are rock solid, and stand as an inspiration. I hope I can make something this awesome with my portfolio!

    However, I think to truly take it to the next level, you should upgrade your language. Right now, your case studies are simple, three paragraph blips, ellipsed between your strong design and illustration. In my UX education and in all of the research and portfolios I've seen, presenting your end result can only go far.

    It reads like you overlooked the language, and after reading it, I didn't really take much away. You can get away with simplifying it even further, and turning that text into a subhead sized blurb for the intro, mid, and conclusion. But since you're selling yourself as a consultant and experience designer, I'd recommend beefing up the language so as to provide reasoning for your result. Basically, a stronger why that explains your end product.

    –– That being said, your portfolio is a 9/10. Sick stuff!

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    • Linsey Peterson, almost 6 years ago

      You're totally right, I am not great with words and I think putting a little more time and effort into that would be really helpful to paint the full picture of the project. That and with everyone else's suggestions on showing a bit more process, I think that's what I can really improve on right now. Thanks so much for the input!

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