• Moe AmayaMoe Amaya, over 3 years ago

    You've been getting a lot of great responses in here and I tend to agree with the majority: either Semplice (Wordpress) or Webflow.

    Semplice: Based on fact you are willing to learn and already know a bit of HTML, CSS, I would encourage you to give Semplice a try first. Being built around Wordpress, the code you produce ends up being mostly HTML and CSS (with a bit of php) but that means you can then look under the hood and make further tweaks if you need to. Moreover the skills you learn using a WP-foundation are transferrable and reusable in the future. That said the best portfolios that use Semplice tend to be more geared toward art direction or brand design and less UI/UX, so make sure your imagery is strong.

    Webflow: Their drag-n-drop designer tool is embarrassingly easy to use—like Tony Gines mentioned you'll be finished with your portfolio before you even would have started your Semplice install. Yet the main drawback for me is a strong one: it's still a proprietary tool. Again the benefit with Wordpress is that it's open source, you can break open the code and see how things work, and while Webflow outputs HTML and CSS, the generation of that code is hidden away from you. But ultimately, if you're not too worried about that drawback, I do highly recommend Webflow and all the tools they've built including the CMS.

    If you have any other questions, I am putting together a resource for finding the right service or website to create a portfolio at https://www.portfoliowebsites.io/ (still a WIP).

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