• Seth RSeth R, 5 years ago

    I like your style, sir! Honestly great advice.

    Just wondering, do you just cold email/call up business owners or do you spend time at networking events in order to touch base and then meet up later?

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    • David Holman, 5 years ago

      A little of everything. Most importantly, I almost never turn down the opportunity for a qualified introduction. Often times it's a development firm or software architect who wants their client to talk with me before they start writing code.

      Other times I hear about a company in the area (I hate traveling for business) that I think I might be able to add value to. In those cases I'll usually send out a soft-sell email expressing interest in their business and offering to take them out to lunch or coffee.

      BTW, I've found that us designer types need to be ready to break our routine and get up early in the morning to catch a business owner before he's caught up in the mire of the day. And no I'm not being sexist: The women business owners I've met prefer to meet for lunch or afternoon coffee ¯\(ツ)

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