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over 3 years ago from Joanna Jiang, Product Designer

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    Hi Helen One biggest reason for me to start Illustration UI is to raise the importance of illustration in product design. When it comes to design, what makes people happy is feeling connected, smart, and creative. Illustration has the power to create a personal and emotional connection between the user and the brand. If you are interested, there are 3 things that you could help with: 1. Found great illustration UI to post for inspiration 2. Write about illustration related posts 3. Interview influencing illustrators in this industry Let me know your thoughts, thanks Best, Joanna

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    • Helen . Helen . , over 3 years ago

      Hey Joanna,

      I totally hear you on the importance of Illustration UI in product design. Would love to help out with all the things you mentioned, but might need to hold off on designing and writing for a bit because I am so swamped with freelance work at the moment. I can do stuff like interviewing for now though!

      Let me know how you'd like to communicate and what the next steps are moving forward when I am ready!

      Cheers, Helen

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      • , 3 years ago

        Hi Helen Sorry for the late delay. Are you still available for working together? If you do, let's continue the conversation through email: contact@betterdesign.io. Look forward to hear from you.

        Best, Joanna

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