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over 3 years ago from Joanna Jiang, Product Designer

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    Thank you, Daniel. Your support means a lot to me. The Slight Edge looks like a great book and has very good reviews. I will definitely consider getting one. At the beginning of the UX Design Community, I simply posted it in different Facebook and Linkedin groups. I got a lot of requests to join this community. I added them one by one manually. Later, a friend helped me set up a web page for auto-invite. When users sign up, they will get invited automatically. This helps the community grow a lot faster. I do feel bad that I don't invest much time to manage the community. When new users join, nobody is there to welcome them. If you are interested. I would love to invite you as an admin to help the community get better. Best, Joanna

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    • Daniel PuglisiDaniel Puglisi, over 3 years ago

      Thanks for the insight Joanna!

      As for the consideration as an admin, I've to thankfully decline. I'm trying to get my own projects off the ground. Adding something new would only distract me and that isn't going to help anyone – especially not your community :)

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