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almost 3 years ago from Pablo Stanley, Design at InVision, Writer at The Design Team, Mentor at Sketch Together

  • Pablo Stanley, almost 3 years ago

    Oh, I have used the design tab and I think it's fantastic!

    At first, the way the parenting works was kind of strange, but the more I use it, the more I love it. I think it's just a reaction, after being used to doing things a different way with other design tools for a decade.

    While I love the smart decisions Framer makes for me when moving objects around, sometimes it does something I didn't really mean to be done. If there was an option in the preferences to enable/disable automatic parent/child relationships when you put an object on top of another, forcing the user to actually enter CMD+Return to do so, maybe some people would appreciate it :)

    Regarding the Sketch Importer, I think OP's main problem wasn't the parent/child relationship but that sometimes you want to be able to choose specific artboards to import. Sometimes you have a huge project, but you only want to create an interaction between two or three specific artboards in your project. If there was a way to choose which artboards you want to import, that would help :)

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