Looking for a cofounder...

over 3 years ago from Joanna Jiang, Product Designer

  • Christian Mo, over 3 years ago

    Hi @Joanna, really like your project.

    1-I can not really help you with the cofounding part. 2- My 2 cents: Having looked at your project, I find it fullfills some aspects of asking for feedback, but at the same time each person that votes (knowledgable or not) has the same weight. I think stackexchange does a good job on "gamification" and badges to differenciate between expert users and newbies.

    Can I ask you how/what webpage did you contact your engineer through? Is there any established webpage were one can do that?¿ Just for future projects maybe, thanks.

    kind regards, Christian.

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    • Joanna Jiang, 3 years ago

      Hi Christian You are right. There are some designs are difficult to tell which is better, they got very even votes. The comments are very helpful in this case. I am also thinking to add more"gamification" elements, however, the resource that we have now is very limited. But we will work toward that direction. Thank you for the suggestion. My boyfriend has a lot of relationships in Mexico to get engineers. They are as good as the engineers in Indian with similar salary requirement. The advantage is that we are working in the same timezone. If you are interested. I can introduce him to you. Best, Joanna

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