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over 3 years ago from Joanna Jiang, Product Designer

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    Thank you, Benjamin Currently only me and one engineer that I hired from Mexico on the team. I am looking for: 1: A technical cofounder who take care of the code 2: A person who is good at marketing, social media , grow a community, knows how to monetize the product, generate leads, and bring it to the next level 3: Money. I currently pay one engineer using my own salary. This won't last long as my platform now is for free. I will run out of money eventually. But if I can found a technical founder, I should be fine. I don't really have cash. I can only offer equity for joining my project. I do all the design by myself so I don't need design help. Thank you so much for your questions. Best, Joanna

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    • Tyreil PTyreil P, over 3 years ago

      Did you hire an engineer from Mexico because the cost would be cheaper as opposed to working with someone locally? Have you offered your engineer the opportunity to be the founder you're looking for?

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