Any rock climbers out there?

almost 3 years ago from Aaron Larner, Member of Technical Staff @trello

  • Gideon BGideon B, almost 3 years ago

    I have used Strava for biking -- it's popular with DH bikers and really competitive where I live. I feel like this would have a similar appeal. Don't overlook the social aspect and the outdoor aspect. The best parts of Strava are finding new trails in a zone you thought you knew and competing for the top spot on a trail.

    On that same note -- is phone GPS accurate enough to track the climb position? If so, wouldn't it be possible to do something similar for outdoor climbing without the need for hardware?

    You have probably already thought of this but you should get in touch with the organizations that run bouldering and climbing contests. I remember doing those as a kid -- in the qualifier round you would keep track of every climb with pen and paper. Those contests would need less volunteers if the climb tracking was automated.

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