• Dau j., over 4 years ago

    Design systems are intended to make building huge products easier.

    A personal portfolio/website/blog isn't a massive product with 10 teams working on it at the same time.

    And it's your personal thing. Make it look personal.

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    • Kevin ChangKevin Chang, over 4 years ago

      +1 for this - when I was at a larger product company with 40 designers, it made sense for us to invest in building a design system because our work was becoming increasingly fragmented and inconsistent when we were spread out across many teams. The design system helped us stay on the same page in terms of guiding principles and common components, freeing us to spend more time on the research/validation part of design than the interaction/UI,

      I'm at a consultancy now that designs and develops "greenfield" apps. It doesn't make sense for our process to create design systems early on when we're still trying to validate the product concept.

      Additionally, if you're using a design system that's open source, and it's legal to do so, you may want to look at the open issues/bugs.

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