• Katie MacoyKatie Macoy, over 3 years ago

    The same as any "getting a new job" process really - found some adverts for full-time remote jobs online (dribbble, weworkremotely, authentic jobs, etc), applied for about 50, got interviews at about 10. About 5 of those moved me on for second, third, fourth round interviews and eventually a job was offered.

    The main differences are that I had to send out a lot more applications for remote jobs than local jobs - I have a feeling remote jobs receive a lot more attention these days with the whole ~digital nomad~ culture.

    Other things to note, when a company says they're remote-friendly, they're usually not. I've found if they can find someone local who may even have less experience they will always go with the local person. I've had the most success at companies that are entirely remote.

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