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  • Manny Larios, over 6 years ago

    I'm in the same boat. I'm a UX/UI designer that lives in the macOS ecosystem (both at work and at home) and can't imagine my devices not 'talking' to each other out of the box. I also agree that their UI and features are getting stale. Here are a few examples of why I just can't imagine switching to Android, even-though I believe they have surpassed Apple in a lot of ways.

    Apple TV: kids lost the remote once again? Just use iPhone.

    Apple Watch: walk up to my iMac at home or MacBook Pro at work and it unlocks - just like that.

    FaceTime Video / Audio: doesn't matter which device I'm using, they will all ring and receive messages and are all capable of making calls.

    I'm sure there are many more examples I'm not thinking about at the moment, but all these 'little' things add up to keep me in their echo system. I'm sure I'm just ignorant as to what Android devices are capable of, but I'm definitely not a fan of the idea of purchasing an Android device that might have extra software installed and go out of my way to install a clean copy of Android OS. I also always read that some people get updates, some people don't, etc. If Google actually made their own hardware and no one else did, then I would make the jump. I might be dating myself, but this reminds me of the Windows PC era where each manufacturer added their own stuff to Windows that would ruin the experience for people like my parents that aren't 'computer' savy - but they sure know how to use Apple products. There's a reason why I'm considering purchasing a Microsoft Surface: I trust Microsoft to sell me what they believe is the best version of themselves and not depend on other manufacturers to do that on their behalf (yes - I know Google just started making their own with the Pixel, but I've also read that it's manufactured by HTC.

    Went on a rant there - sorry. I guess I'm waiting for the day that Google delivers a product from start to finish.

    End rant.

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    • Rishi Luchun, over 6 years ago

      I know Google just started making their own with the Pixel, but I've also read that it's manufactured by HTC

      And iPhones are made by Foxcomm, with Samsung parts

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