Exercises we use to interview designers at WeWork(medium.com)

almost 4 years ago from Artiom Dashinsky, Product Designer, Author & Maker

  • Luca Benazzi, almost 4 years ago

    Is the test run remotely? Are they getting paid for committing to a 90 min interview? I would expect that since these guys are investing so much of their time without even knowing if it's a good company to work for. And if they are supposed to come to your office, then it's even more than 90 minutes. During the course of the 90 minutes, I would also expect the manager who is interviewing to undergo some sort of testing, so that the candidate could see if he's dealing with a good functional team or not.

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    • Artiom DashinskyArtiom Dashinsky, almost 4 years ago

      Hey Luca,

      Those exersices are performed on-site and not remotely.

      At this point candidates already know about the company and the specific department they are interviewed to.

      They also meet their potential team mates before this exercise is performed, so they have context in order to decide if they are interested in being part of the team.

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