Exercises we use to interview designers at WeWork(medium.com)

almost 4 years ago from Artiom Dashinsky, Product Designer, Author & Maker

  • jj moijj moi, almost 4 years ago

    While some are good, most of the 17 exercises are too complex to solve under 60 minutes. Even the exercises that are easier than these would take about 15+ minutes just to understand and frame the problem. The better ones are the ones that are general and don't requires any domain knowledge such as your NYC Metrocard and Garbage exercises. Not everyone knows a lot about obesity or e-ink or audiobooks. And GoPro and Google Funnels? Unless they have worked on very similar products. It's one thing if you want to challenge the designers to solve problems in an unknown domain, but 60 minutes won't take you anywhere.

    Also, all technologies must be viable for use today, isn't really a thoughtful constraint. More like the NYC Metro machine doesn't accept coins.

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    • Artiom DashinskyArtiom Dashinsky, almost 4 years ago

      I agree, there are some exercises that might be more challenging for the 60-minutes framework. We preferred to share as many as possible so everyone can adjust it for her needs.

      Broad exercises are used more indeed and they are working well for us so far :) However, I believe there is value in challenging designers with problems they are not necessarily having a domain knowledge in

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