Should I bother prototyping for Web?

6 years ago from Adam Rasheed, Frontend Software Engineer

  • Dan M, 6 years ago

    What allows you to best demonstrate what you need to your client, in the most productive way for you? All tools and methods can be useful, but it doesn't mean they necessarily are.

    1. Think about the value of what you're showing. and which method will require more time for you now, and with later revisions.

    2. Think about how your client is receiving the prototype. Do you also need to explain how to use Invision, or is it simpler give them a url with a mockup page?

    3. How is your communication best received, do you and your client prefer to see comments alongside the demo in Invision, do you find it better to talk in person, or email?

    Use whichever method will allow you to demonstrate best, and you and your client to communicate well. This will be different for every relationship.

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