How to make black people delete your app(

over 4 years ago from Jon L, Design Entrepreneur

  • David ThornDavid Thorn, over 4 years ago

    This dude assumes his solution is the ultimate fix by just letting everyone select their race for their clappy hands. He even suggests using it as a metric for what people identify with so the podcaster can see it.

    But the podcaster is the only one to see it. And in order to see the claps you got, they'd have to be broken down by race or shown on a timeline, AND THAT COMPLETELY MISSES THE ENTIRE POINT. It then becomes entirely about race, not what people resonated with.

    Ex. Why did I only get one white applause here, and a bunch of black applause here? Should I edit my content for the olive skinned audience?

    This also negates the fact that some people gasp may not choose an accurate skin tone to represent themselves, or may STILL stick with the default, thus further skewing the statistics the author believes is the silver bullet. What if most people stay with the default, either out of safety, lack of caring, or because they specifically aren't comfortable sharing? That should be user tested, not fixed via squeaky wheel on Medium.

    There's also gender identity, country or city of origin, and a whole lot more is also incredibly relevant. But this isn't a metric service. It's a fucking app to distribute and listen to podcasts.

    The point of the hands was a "fun" way to provide feedback to the podcaster that something resonated they said with people. The authors "quick and easy" solution confuses this very simple point and doesn't even begin to critically think of any of the challenges this would represent.

    Black representation is an issue, but there needs to be more thought than knee jerk reactions and half-assed product advice. If I was responsible, I'd probably get away from anything depicting skin regardless of abstraction, race is not a simple issue to solve for and this is the wrong context to tackle it in. There are other icons that can be used that show that someone likes something.

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