How to make black people delete your app(

over 4 years ago from Jon L, Design Entrepreneur

  • Darrell HanleyDarrell Hanley, over 4 years ago

    So that emoji is actually the "man with blond hair/woman with blond hair" emoji. Why does such an emoji exist? Because Emoji aren't a real spec and is actually owned by some company in Japan, so arbitrary characters find their way into the spec.

    As for why you thought this emoji was an adolescent emoji? Because Apple is really bad at designing their emoji to be default inclusive. Woman with blond hair has tied back hair because that's what some illustrator decided that's what women with blond hair do. Doesn't help that blond hair is the default, when most other systems default their emoji to either be hairless (Google uses a bowtie on the head to signal sex) or default brown hair, the most common hair color in the human race.

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    • Arix KingArix King, over 4 years ago

      Holy shit, you're right.

      I just assumed they were the "adolescent" because they both look to be aged between the Man/Woman and Boy/Girl emoji. Especially since Man emoji has a mustache and "adolescent" girl has her hair up, which—for whatever reason—changes my perception of age for both of them. Learn something new everyday.

      (Although—I think they should embrace the "adolescent" model. Makes more sense than "Blonde Person.")

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    • Gen Uine, over 4 years ago

      Actually no company in JP owns Emoji. The closest thing to "ownership" would be the Unicode Consoritum, who decides which emoji gets added to the Unicode spec.

      Shigetaka Kurita from DoCoMo created the original emoji set.

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