Stop Shaming Your Users for Micro Conversions(

3 years ago from Gergo Bekes, Web Designer

  • Darrell HanleyDarrell Hanley, 3 years ago

    I think there are two forces at play here.

    Publishers would kill their mothers to increase newsletter signups, because most of their traffic are from social networks where they read a single article and immediately leave. Increasing the amount of people who sign up for the newsletter becomes vital in that system since you're at least going to be able to retain users, at least through additional signups for the newsletter.

    Then you have the retention services, who have to prove that their software and techniques work. Confirmshaming probably works in the short term, so they're incentivized to put up negative messages, at least when it's a new client.

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    • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, 3 years ago

      Right, I would imagine if it works, I'm sure it's only short term when they start looking at the dip in open rates and then do a good subscriber audit a year later. Nonetheless I'm sure they can sell those early stats in a document they update once in a while.

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