Ask DN: What is your morning routine?

over 6 years ago from Jonathan Brodheim, Designer at LoungeBuddy

  • Ben HowdleBen Howdle, over 6 years ago

    What I've learnt about DN users:

    Not many of you have kids...

    Mornings aren't quite so free with kids!

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    • John PJohn P, over 6 years ago

      That was your choice, childfree discrimination is rife.

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      • Ben HowdleBen Howdle, over 6 years ago


        Mine was an observation based on the comments I see.

        I'm also making a statement based on my own experience of pre/post having kids.

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      • Josh Sanders, over 6 years ago

        Ben's original comment contained absolutely ZERO discrimination. Not sure when making an observation became an attack on anyone? Also, if you're that quick to jump to conclusions and get defensive, perhaps it's best to stay of the internet o_O

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