Ask DN: What is your morning routine?

over 6 years ago from Jonathan Brodheim, Designer at LoungeBuddy

  • Jamie Aucoin, over 6 years ago
    • Wake up (usually ~6:30am)
    • Feed the dog & cat
    • Do one push up (Tracking my habit with Loop)
    • Get dressed to go outside
    • Pour some cold brew
    • Take the dog for a walk (~:45)
    • Get ready for work
    • Pack breakfast/lunch
    • Drive to work (~:15)
    • Setup my laptop at my station
    • Prepare my breakfast (avocado toast) and get more coffee/water from the kitchen
    • Eat breakfast while checking email
    • Write down my daily todo's
    • Get started...

    It's interesting to get insight into other people's routines, it's how I've evolved my own over years. Hearing what stuff they fit into their morning/afternoon/night motivates me to always be assessing and improving my habits.

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